6 Ways You Can Use an Open Top Shipping Container

green storage container

There’s a lot you can do with open-top containers. These are essentially boxes featuring four walls and a floor with no roof, different from standard shipping containers that feature three walls, doors at one end, and a floor, as well as a roof.

Open top shipping containers are able to be loaded from above via crane or conveyor. Perhaps you need to load a large piece of machinery or large truck tires into the container. This type of container would be ideal for these applications where goods can’t fit through a side door.

Soft open top containers are fitted with tarpaulins that can be secured on top to keep the rain and other elements out. Hard top containers, on the other hand, are more secure with a removable steel roof.

Open top shipping containers have many more uses than just transporting cargo. Here are some ways you can use and re-use these types of containers:

1.  Oversized Goods

As long as the cargo involved meets specified weight limits and can fit within the width and length limits, you can transport any oversized good within reason.

2.  Bulky Goods

When bulky or awkward goods must be moved, a 40ft open top container is a wise choice when it comes to transportation methods. These will differ from bulk containers, where the goods can be removed from the bottom via a chute.

3.  Swimming Pools

An open top shipping container makes a great swimming pool. If you’re limited on space but want a unique place to beat the heat in summer, this option is an affordable conversation starter.

4.  Pop-Up Event Space

The pop-up event has become hugely popular in recent years. Instead of spending money on an expensive, permanent retail space, why not try an open top or hard top shipping container for a mobile, temporary and convenient pop-up space to sell your goods?

5.  Art Gallery

Gallery space can be hugely expensive. Try using a 20ft open top container for your temporary art gallery. You can even customize it by making it higher, or even half-length – whatever meets the demands of your artwork. You can even stack one on top of the other for an airy, double-height space.

6.  Restaurant or Food Kiosk

You see food trucks all the time. Put a spin on that notion by turning a soft top container into a restaurant or food kiosk for a minimal footprint. The kitchen and food prep area can be separated from the dining area, and you can take the tarpaulin off on clear nights so guests can dine under the stars.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the uses for a soft top shipping container!

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