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Need Shipping Container Delivery to Gulfport? Here’s What to Know

If you’ve just rented or purchased a shipping container for delivery to Gulfport, you may be curious as to what to expect of the process. Today we will go over the delivery and pick up guidelines involved with renting or buying a shipping container in this second-largest city in Mississippi. There are many reasons why …

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Shipping Container Grades: What Are the Differences?

Appearance condition and shipping grades are the top two considerations to keep in mind when buying new or used shipping containers. Today we’ll focus on the shipping container grades. Your shipping container provider should provide transparent and upfront information with you regarding the condition of your container. Do your research beforehand so you can educate …

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Why Use a Data Center Shipping Container?

Today’s ever-evolving digital world is requiring that many businesses store their computers and other sensitive electronics in dedicated spaces such as server rooms or data centers. This can get expensive and inconvenient for businesses that would benefit from having on-site date center facilities of their own. No matter what industry you’re in, you can purchase …

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Should You Choose a Shipping Container or a Metal Shed?

If you need extra storage on your residential property, your first thought is to buy a shed, right? But what if you considered a shipping container instead? Such containers are often more durable, longer lasting and versatile than simple sheds. That said, they each have their benefits and drawbacks. Pros and Cons of Shipping Containers …

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The Many Uses of Open Top Shipping Containers

When shopping around for shipping containers, you will likely come across a multitude of options to choose from in regards to the composition of the unit. One of those things is the choice between an open top container and closed top container. Open top containers are just what they sound like — steel boxes with …

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How Do They Lift Shipping Containers Safely?

Safe shipping container handling is one of the most important stages in the life cycle of these units. It will set the stage for the life span of the unit, as well as its durability and aesthetics. While technology and automation have certainly come a long way in helping solve problems related to shipping container …

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Painting a Rusty Shipping Container

Due to their durability and affordability, used shipping containers are a good investment when it comes to storage. But when you buy a used container, there’s a good chance it’s been in use on the high seas for many years, so it’s common to see sections of rust, some dents and other minor forms of …

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Cool Custom Container Applications

Shipping containers have so many more uses than cargo transportation. Because A&M Container Sales has been around for so long, we’ve seen some pretty cool things that people do with shipping containers. With so many innovative client visions out there, it’s easy to see how you can modify your container to result in a memorable …

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