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Why You Need a Shipping Container Provider in Gulfport

When you’re on the hunt for a shipping container provider near you, it stands to reason that you want to choose a local company that knows your area and recognizes your needs. That’s why you need a shipping container provider based in Gulfport MI. Here at A&M Container Sales and Rentals, we’re all about local! …

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11 Creative Uses for Shipping Containers

Do you have a bold construction idea without the right materials to bring it to life? Many people feel frustrated when they want to improve their homes yet don’t have the time, money, or materials to do anything. What they often don’t realize is how easy it is to use shipping containers to build a variety of great …

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Creating the Ideal Construction Site Office Layout

Planning a construction site takes a lot of forethought, resources and brainstorming to achieve the perfect layout. Because most construction sites require the use of temporary offices to manage operations, you may have considered purchasing some shipping containers to convert into this purpose. There’s a lot to think about in terms of layout, including the …

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Converting a Shipping Container Into a Locker Room

Many schools and recreational facilities don’t have the extra space to devote to locker rooms for their players. But locker rooms and rest rooms are essential when expecting children, teens and adults to take a break, suit up for a game, store uniforms, clean up and change into post-game clothes. To meet that need, many …

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Tips For Maintaining Your Shipping Container

You’re spending a lot to buy a shipping container, so it’s understandable that you would want to protect it as much as possible. After all, proper maintenance is essential in ensuring your container can withstand the rigors of the environment while providing a long life span for whatever use you choose. To maximize the lifetime …

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What Types of Businesses Use Shipping Containers?

Shipping container modifications are getting more and more popular as more people decide to re-think how they live, work and play. What started out as an eco-friendly initiative has grown into a whole new industry. Creative Uses Innovators are constantly discovering new uses for shipping containers such as these. 1.     On-trend food and drink establishments …

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Your Shipping Container Inspection Checklist

Whether you buy a new or used shipping container, any reputable supplier worth its salt will fully inspect the unit to ensure it’s safe, secure and up to snuff in terms of expected condition,  safety and security. Here at A&M Container, we follow an extensive shipping container checklist every time we sell a unit from …

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4 Valuable Tips for Renting a Storage Container

Portable storage containers offer a solution to many home and business owners due to their versatility and affordability. Rentals in particular make a cost effective choice, to be sure, but they also offer a practical function for anyone who needs to store items. Before choosing one, though, it’s important to do your research and make …

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