If the driver is unable to safely deliver or pick-up the container, charges to cover the dead run will apply. Please see our Terms Agreement for additional information. Please contact us if you’re not sure about your site.

See how ground level container delivery (and pick-up) works!
Watch the video below for a better understanding of how containers are delivered and picked up.


  • Adequate Space
  • Proper Clearance
  • Firm Ground
a&M loading storage containers onto truck

Our Professional Drivers Need Some Space!

Because trucks make wide turns there must be adequate space to turn onto the property and get across culverts, between gates or any other obstructions. Additionally, because the container is delivered with a tilt bed trailer, adequate space in front of where the container will rest is necessary in order for the trailer to pull out from underneath the container. Using a full-size truck with trailer, we require at least 70’ of open space in front of the container. Utilizing a small tilt bed truck, 40’ of open space in front of a 20’ container is required.


Minimum Clearance

The trailer with container is 13’6”H and is raised to approximately 16’ when tilted up for offloading or loading. When choosing a location and directing us to the site please give consideration to all possible overhead obstructions including bridges, wires, tree branches etc.

Firm & Level Ground

Container delivery trucks are heavy and will sink in soft surface conditions such as wet grass and mud. Firm and relatively level ground is essential to avoid getting stuck.

WATCH: Learn How to Setup Your Container

a&m used storage container

Safety First!

Our drivers are well-trained, experienced, and care about satisfying your desire to get the container where you want it, without damaging your property in the process. Safety is priority one and if we determine the container cannot be delivered safely, we won’t, but there will still be a charge. Nobody wants that, so please make safety a priority by ensuring adequate delivery or pick-up space



Long-Term Storage Container Set Up

For longer-term storage applications consider having the container placed on wood blocks to:

  • Prevent uneven settling
  • Avoid door alignment issues that could cause difficulty with opening and closing
  • Extend container life



Truck Dimensions & Illustration