Cool Custom Container Applications

Shipping containers have so many more uses than cargo transportation. Because A&M Container Sales has been around for so long, we’ve seen some pretty cool things that people do with shipping containers.

With so many innovative client visions out there, it’s easy to see how you can modify your container to result in a memorable project. Here are a few of the top ones.

Water Filtration System

Storage containers can be converted to include a water filtration system. This starts with the repurposing of a 40’ new high cube shipping container, which maximizes interior storage volume. If your system will be street-facing or will be viewed by many clients, it’s best to start with a new unit for the cleanest, most streamlined appearance.

You can hire an electrician to install an electrical system and insulation panels so these components can be routed inside and out.

Custom Job Site Storage

If you need to store various tools and equipment, as well as small pipes and tubes, a shipping container could be the perfect storage solution. You could start with a 20’ used shipping container, and then install a pipe rack storage system, shelves, and work bench for an easy, comfortable space.

Green Roof Container Homes

Those who are focused on incorporating environmentally-sustainable practices into their daily lives will be happy to know they can use shipping containers as part of their modern home design. You can actually convert the roof of your container home into a green roof.

You may need to hire an architect and builder to get this done, but the end result is a roof-top ecosystem of grass, plants, and flowers. You have to make sure you add enough insulation to the container so dirt and insects don’t get inside.

Rooftop Balconies

Another idea for shipping container homes is to incorporate a rooftop terrace or balcony. These cool rooftop patios are perfect for relaxing, reading, entertaining or just watching the sunset. You can add low glass walls or railings for safety, too. This is a great way to optimize space when it comes to your modular design.

Swimming Pools

To save on the expense and construction challenges of a traditional pool, consider a shipping container pool. Once built and installed, you can finish the exterior with any number of woods, plastics or glass for an extra touch. You can even add stairs to access the pool easily.

Like any of the above projects? We can get you started on the right foot with one of our shipping containers. Let us know if you have any other cool ideas you have seen or used yourself with shipping containers!

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