The Many Uses of Open Top Shipping Containers

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When shopping around for shipping containers, you will likely come across a multitude of options to choose from in regards to the composition of the unit. One of those things is the choice between an open top container and closed top container. Open top containers are just what they sound like — steel boxes with four walls and a floor but no roof.

The Differences at a Glance

These differ from standard shipping containers with three walls, a door at one end, a roof and a floor. You would choose an open top shipping container if you have bulky cargo that can’t be carried on or rolled onto the unit and instead must be loaded from above with a conveyor or a crane.

These are good for large pieces of machinery or large truck tires, or really any time you have goods that wouldn’t fit through a side door.

You don’t need to leave the top wide open, though. You can choose a soft open top container which has a tarp that can be stretched over the top to secure the items inside. This will also keep out critters and the elements, but it’s much easier to take on and off than a hard top container that has a removable steel roof.

Open top shipping containers aren’t just for the transportation of cargo. You can use them for the following:

1.  Bulky Goods

If you are faced with moving bulky or awkward goods, you will want to go with a 40ft open top container. This differs from a bulk container, where the goods are taken out via a chute from the bottom.

2.  Oversized Goods

If your cargo meets the stated weight limits and is able to fit within the length and width limits, you can use soft top containers to transport oversized goods.

3.  Art Gallery

Gallery space is not cheap. But you can save a lot of money if you convert a 20ft open top container into a temporary art gallery. Customizations abound, such as making it higher, or half-length – whatever space can best accommodate your artwork. If you need double height, stack one on top of the other.

4.  Swimming Pool

Don’t have a lot of space in your backyard for beating the summer heat? Use an open top shipping container for a swimming pool instead of traditional pool construction.

5.  Pop-Up Event Space

These temporary spaces have become very popular recently because of their quick and versatile setup. Why shell out a lot of money on an expensive, permanent retail space, when you can use an open top or hard top shipping container for a temporary, mobile, convenient pop-up space to sell and display your goods?

6.  Food Kiosk

With food trucks peppered all over major city streets and college campuses, you can get in on the game with a soft top container. Make a minimal carbon footprint for your restaurant, coffee shop or food kiosk where kitchen and food prep areas can be separated from the main dining area. On calm, clear, mild nights, you can remove the tarp so diners can eat under the stars.

With endless possibilities for soft top shipping containers, you can see why they’re such a versatile and durable choice for any consumer.

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