Why Use a Data Center Shipping Container?

Today’s ever-evolving digital world is requiring that many businesses store their computers and other sensitive electronics in dedicated spaces such as server rooms or data centers. This can get expensive and inconvenient for businesses that would benefit from having on-site date center facilities of their own.

No matter what industry you’re in, you can purchase a shipping container and make the necessary customizations to create a server room that meets your individual needs while keeping safety and security front of mind.

Instead of going through the expense and hassle of an addition or renovation, why not consider converting a shipping container into your very own data center? Here are some top reasons why you should.

Built Off-Site

You can buy a shipping container as is and/or make modifications to it to suit your data center needs. Because the container can be built off site and then dropped off at your place of business, there is no construction to contend with, which means lower costs and quicker setup.


By their very nature, shipping containers are portable, which means you can relocate the data center as needed. And because such containers don’t need a traditional foundation, there will be no permanent footprint left behind. Simply pick up the container with a crane or forklift, load it onto a truck and bring it to the new location.


Shipping containers come in many sizes, such as 10-foot, 20-foot, and 40-foot versions. You can also have yours built to custom specifications or even combine several containers to create one large data center. On top of making size modifications to the unit, you can customize the interior features as well.

You can add climate control (critical for computers and other electronics as well as sensitive documents), utility ports, shelving, framing, AC units, server racks and more.


Financing a shipping container data center is much easier than financing brick and mortar facilities. Modified data center shipping containers cost thousands of dollars less than traditionally-built server rooms, boosting your bottom line and helping you stay in budget.


Shipping containers are a greener alternative to traditional building methods, which is an important consideration when creating data centers. Because higher amounts of energy will be required to power these data centers, eco-friendly, sustainable options are increasingly necessary.

For those companies who want to tap into smarter uses of power or use renewable energy sources, repurposed shipping containers make the perfect data centers.

Extra Space

If you need to add computing capacity, it’s always a challenge to locate sufficient available space within your existing facility — not to mention adding appropriate cooling systems, insulation and air conditioning. So if you have limited space, rely on shipping containers as a scalable way to address physical limitation challenges.

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