Crucial Maintenance Tips For Containers Throughout the Brutal Biloxi Summers

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Summer may not be here in full force yet, but it’s coming. You want to do all you can to protect your shipping container from the brutal Biloxi temperatures, which frequently hit 90 and above during June, July and August. Regular and proper maintenance is critical if you want to ensure your container can put up with the environmental rigors of this area while giving you the longest life span possible for any use.

If you have bought or plan to buy a container, make sure you do all you can to make sure it fares well in Biloxi MS, famous for its beaches, seafood, casinos, and maritime history.

Here’s How to Optimize Your Container Lifespan

There are a few maintenance tips you should be following on a regular basis in Biloxi:

  1. Make sure your container is placed on level ground. This not only prevents corrosion due to water accumulation, it makes it easier to operate the doors without resistance. Plus, your unit will not sink unevenly as time goes on. You can achieve this with the use of railroad ties or blocks made of concrete to elevate them.
  2. Lubricate all door hinges. Rusty and unlubricated hinges will seize up and make operation difficult, especially when the humid weather causes things to expand and stick. Be sure to add some grease as needed for smooth operation.
  3. Clean your container of dirt and rust. Not only does this present fewer chances for corrosion, it can make your container less desirable for pests. Plus, it will enhance the aesthetics of your unit. All you need to make a simple cleaning agent is some bleach and water, or even white vinegar and water. Clean it off with a hose.
  4. Don’t let weight accumulate on the roof. The corners of your container are very durable (heck, you can stack up to seven units on top of each other), but the middle portions are not as stable. Clean debris off the roof, such as standing water, leaves, and twigs, regularly.
  5. Store only dry goods in the container. This is to prevent condensation. It also helps if you don’t leave the doors open for long periods of time when it’s rainy or humid out. Also, refrain from storing furniture against the walls. This is usually the first spot where condensation gathers.
  6. Regularly service your refrigeration unit. In the case of refrigerated units, or reefers, have a pro inspect and maintain them regularly. You’ll prevent future repairs that can be quite costly if you ignore them.
  7. Replace old rubber door seals. These seals are designed to lock out moisture but they only last a decade. After that, they should be replaced so they can do their job correctly. Replace weather stripping and caulking as well.

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