Need Shipping Container Delivery to Gulfport? Here’s What to Know

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If you’ve just rented or purchased a shipping container for delivery to Gulfport, you may be curious as to what to expect of the process. Today we will go over the delivery and pick up guidelines involved with renting or buying a shipping container in this second-largest city in Mississippi.

There are many reasons why you would want a shipping container for use in Gulfport, home to 74,000. From storage to mobile offices, shipping containers can be used for many different purposes. But how do you get it to your property safely and efficiently? Here’s a look at the process.

In General

First, you have to make sure the delivery site is prepped to accommodate delivery by our truck drivers. This entails three main things:

  1.     Adequate space
  2.     Proper clearance
  3.     Firm ground

Space Requirements

The trucks that deliver shipping containers are very large, as you can imagine. They need plenty of space to maneuver to and around the site. They must be able to deliver the unit and reverse direction with ease. They also need the ability to traverse culverts, get through gates and navigate around other obstructions.

The trucks that deliver shipping containers are tilt bed trailer trucks, which means there must be enough space in front of the container’s resting spot for the trailer to be pulled out from underneath the unit.

With a full size truck with a tilt bed, that means at least 70 feet of open space is necessary in front of the container. With a small tilt bed truck, at least 40 feet of open space is required in front of a 20 foot container.


The ground space isn’t the only thing you have to be concerned with. Clearance above and around the truck is a critical consideration as well. A trailer with a container on it is 13’6”H, raising to 16’ when tilted for unloading or loading. With that in mind, make sure there are no overhead obstructions that could get in the way of this operation, such as wires, bridges, and tree branches.

Ground Conditions

You don’t want to set a shipping container down on spongy or damp ground. Instead, think: firm, dry, level ground. That’s because our trucks are very heavy and will sink into soft surfaces like mud or wet grass. To prevent any issues, make sure the site is firm and level. If you don’t have access to firm ground, consider using blocks, railroad ties or a foundation on which to place the container securely.


We place a high priority on safety. Our trained drivers can position the container wherever you need it, within reason, without causing damage to your property. If for any reason our drivers deem an area unsafe for delivery, they will not do it. However, please note, you will still be charged. It behooves you to ensure the delivery or pick-up space complies with the above requirements.

Contact A&M Container

If you’re looking to buy or rent a shipping container and need it delivered safely to Gulfport, we can help. You just have to contact us and we’ll outline the delivery process from start to finish. In the meantime, check out the truck dimension graphics on our website which will show you how much space we need to make a delivery.