What Accessories Can You Add to Your Shipping Container?

blue storage container with door and railing

Everyone has a different purpose for having a shipping container. For some, it’s to transport goods, but for a vast majority of others, it’s for uses such as mobile offices, tiny homes, storage, pop-up shops and even pools. You can either buy a shipping container and retrofit it after the fact, or you can buy your shipping containers with custom modifications built right in. The choice is yours.

We thought we would go over the many accessories you can add to your container in this week’s blog.

  • Stock Paint Colors
  • AC/Heat
  • Electrical
  • Steel Personnel Doors
  • Roll-Up Doors
  • Windows
  • Vents
  • Lock Boxes
  • Hanging Systems
  • Basic Insulation
  • Fully Lined and Insulated
  • Interior Intermediate Wall
  • Interior Finished


Here at A&M, we offer stock colors of gray, beige, dark or light brown, green, and blue. You can choose to paint the exterior of your container one of these stock colors or choose to customize the color to suit your unique needs, such as to match your logo. Interior paint is also available in a variety of shades.


Your container can be wired for cooling and heating throughout the year. This will keep you comfortable no matter what the season is, perfect for home offices and store fronts where comfort is at a premium.


These services can include fluorescent industrial grade covered lights, circuit breaker load center, 110V receptacles, or custom electrical configurations. Electricians trained in wiring storage container units can provide these services. Some customers require additional lighting over basic requirements, such as task lighting, for hobbies and fine motor, intensive work.

Steel Personnel Doors

These doors come with optional door knob and lock set, hinged swing bar and bolt-on lockbox. Personnel doors are used by employees who work in the structure during normal business hours. Because they are opened and closed several times a day, these doors require heavier-duty hinges and hardware than a small office would.


These come with or without steel security bars. Windows are a crucial addition to add natural light to your space, especially if you use it for work and are in the container for many hours a day.


There are a couple options available to you: two-inch Styrofoam insulation framed with aluminum trail (unfinished) or fully lined and insulated container.

Interior Wall

You can add an interior wall, available framed and insulated with 32-inch interior door.

Finished Interior

Available with white fiberglass reinforced panels and trim, finished interiors are nice add-ons if you are not happy with the basic interior that comes standard.


You can install 12×12 louver vents in a flat door, or framed and installed within container walls.

Lock Boxes

Welded or bolted on, lock boxes increase the security of your unit, which is especially useful when located on a construction site or other publicly-accessed area.

Hanging Systems

Most people have the need for extra storage space and shelving. Add as many rows as you’d like to increase your vertical space.

The accessories and modifications you choose will depend heavily on the intended usage of your unit. If you need help deciding which accessories to add, give us a call!

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