Transforming From Work to Play: Shipping Containers Into Dynamic Spaces

used storage container turned into a shop

It’s easy to switch between work and play when you have a shipping container designed for innovative use. Creating new and dynamic spaces has never been easier, with containers once used for a certain shipping purpose now being reinvented into a multitude of creative ways. Shipping containers are the perfect candidate for this use, as they are very durable, versatile, weather-resistant and affordable.

Here’s how you can transform your shipping container into a dynamic creation.


Thanks to their durability and the ability to stack one on top of the other, shipping containers are perfect for hotels because they can feature multiple floors to accommodate many guests. Make your hotel one of a kind with additions of plumbing, electricity, a vivid paint job and custom décor.

Swimming Pools

Shipping container pools can increase the appearance and functionality of your yard. Not only is this option cost effective, it’s space efficient and much more affordable than an in-ground pool. You’ll have to first insulate the container with foam before converting it into a pool to ensure it doesn’t leak. Then it should be cleaned and painted. It can be inserted into the ground, protecting the soil with limestone.

Affordable Housing Units

Shipping containers are used to make tiny homes that not only save on space but that save you a ton of money in homeownership costs as well. Compared with traditional housing, container homes also have the versatility to be used as rental properties for those with limited income.


If you love to relax — and who doesn’t? – you can convert your shipping container into a sauna for use after a good workout. The steam unclogs pores and has numerous health benefits. Plus, it’s portable and can be placed anywhere, such as to the side of your pool. It also pulls double duty as a wood-fire stove. Add mood lighting and music to augment your sauna experience. It’s time you pampered yourself!

Pop-Up Café

If you’re an entrepreneur and want to set up a coffee shop or bar, why spend all that money on traditional construction? You can convert a shipping container into a pop-up shop. Place it where you want, and serve customers out of a trendy and unique spot. Low overhead combined with the mobile factor means you have an innovative idea that can make you money!

Whether you decide to use your shipping container as a pool, sauna or home, there’s no doubt that such containers offer a unique, affordable way to live.

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