What Types of Businesses Use Shipping Containers?

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Shipping container modifications are getting more and more popular as more people decide to re-think how they live, work and play. What started out as an eco-friendly initiative has grown into a whole new industry.

Creative Uses

Innovators are constantly discovering new uses for shipping containers such as these.

1.     On-trend food and drink establishments

Storage containers are the latest hotspots for hip food and drink establishments. This eco-friendly and affordable use of commercial space is a great way to attract a young crowd. You can convert your container into any setting you desire, whether you plan to open a café, coffee shop, bar, restaurant, bistro or fast-food vegan spot.

2.     Gift shops

Gift shops are, by their very nature, usually very small and therefore can be located in busy areas with lots of foot traffic, yet tucked out of the way so they’re not invasive. You can outfit your self-contained structure with anything from shelving to display cases to roll-up doors. It’s also easy to pick up and move your container and bring it to another site throughout the peak tourist season.

3.     Art galleries

Aspiring artists can display their artwork in a customized shipping container in an effort to bring their art to the people. Take things into your own hands by setting up your very own gallery in the arts district of your local city. You can even use it as a travelling mobile gallery.

4.     Yoga and meditation studios

You can adapt a shipping container to a zen-den of peace and tranquility, perhaps overlooking the glorious nature of the outdoors. Teach group classes there or use it for one-on-one mentoring.

5.     Book stores

Your container can be modified with plenty of shelves to fill up with the latest best sellers, classics, children’s books, and even antique books depending on your niche.

6.     Office spaces

Whether you’ve been working from home a lot more or you’re a startup who needs an affordable space to launch their newest endeavor, you can’t ignore the allure of a shipping container to house a mobile office or growing startup. You can customize it to your branding needs and scale it as needed with the growth of your business.

7.     Artisan workshops

Shipping containers are great spaces for fostering your carpentry, artisan or craftsmanship talents. The ideal size for workshops, you can equip shipping containers with all the tools and supplies you need to sculpt, paint, create, and repurpose.

8.     Repair shops

If you are a mechanic, use this space to repair anything from bicycles and lawnmowers to computers and small appliances. There’s plenty of space for your equipment, parts, storage areas and workstation.

9.     Contractor Businesses

Construction companies, contractors, builders, and architects can all use shipping containers for:

  • Onsite mobile offices
  • Storage for materials and tools
  • Lunch and change rooms for employees
  • Sheltered workspace for roofers, flooring installers, electricians, etc.
  • Onsite meeting rooms for builders and clients
  • Sales offices for builders and even real estate agents of new condo and housing developments

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