Your Shipping Container Inspection Checklist

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Whether you buy a new or used shipping container, any reputable supplier worth its salt will fully inspect the unit to ensure it’s safe, secure and up to snuff in terms of expected condition,  safety and security. Here at A&M Container, we follow an extensive shipping container checklist every time we sell a unit from our inventory. We make sure all boxes are checked before the unit is delivered to your site, whether residential or commercial in nature.

As part of this inspection, we check for defects, deficiencies and damage. If the container fails to pass our checklist test, we don’t let it go until the issue is fixed. Here’s what you can expect from the inspection process so you can get peace of mind knowing you’re getting the best container for your hard-earned money.

Example Checklist

Damaged Floorboards: While shipping containers are typically made of heavy-duty timber, the floorboards can still be vulnerable to degradation, rotting, splintering and breaking. We will inspect the structure of the floor, replacing any uneven or loose boards, plus we will sand down any splinters.

Rust, Stains and Odors: These are nuisance issues, but we don’t take them lightly. We will address any areas of rust, stains and bad odors before delivering the unit to you. For instance, we can sandblast deep rust stains, or use powerful yet safe deodorizers to get rid of strong smells that may be lurking.

Roof and Structural Integrity: We take your container’s structural strength very seriously, as it’s a safety issue that can’t be ignored, especially if you plan to make any modifications. We will check for holes and weak spots, and make the necessary repairs.

Door and Lock Inspection: You will need a strong door and locking mechanism to deter thieves and vandals. We will make sure your doors have the right seals, the hinges are lubricated and the locks are in good working order.

Mold: When a container does not get any use for months on end, it can be susceptible to the growth of mold, especially in damp and humid conditions. We will check for and remove any traces of mold to ensure good indoor air quality.

Even though we go through our own inspection checklist as a reputable supplier of shipping containers, we encourage you as the buyer to do your own inspection before taking ownership. Do a once-over for all of the above-mentioned issues so you can be assured that we have done our job honestly and thoroughly.

Partnering with a reputable shipping container dealer in the first place is very important. A provider with a lot of experience and a good reputation will go the extra mile to ensure the structural integrity, safety and security of your container is their top priority.

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