Creating the Ideal Construction Site Office Layout

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Planning a construction site takes a lot of forethought, resources and brainstorming to achieve the perfect layout. Because most construction sites require the use of temporary offices to manage operations, you may have considered purchasing some shipping containers to convert into this purpose.

There’s a lot to think about in terms of layout, including the site’s facilities as well as its constraints like site access, boundaries, building regulations and all the large equipment needed for the project. The site office is just one component, but it’s a big one. Any good construction site office plan includes a secure, comfortable and functional space, in order to accommodate a construction team that will be working under chaotic and ever-changing conditions.

Tips For Construction Site Office Design

To achieve that, heed these tips for coming up with the best layout and design.

1.    Office Usage

First off, who will be using the office on a daily basis? Does everyone need their own space? The people who may be using the office may include anyone from a construction foreman and engineer to site supervisor and management teams. When there are many people overseeing daily ops, you may want to give each their own space to accommodate individual duties.

The professionals on your site need sufficient space to complete their work and interact with others. This may prompt you to use several shipping containers together, or pepper individual units throughout the site.

It’s important to give the professionals working on your project the appropriate space to help them complete their work.

2.     Stack or Interlink Units For Additional Space

If you have a small team, one on-site office may be perfectly well suited to your needs. But if you have a large team, you will need more space. That can be achieved by stacking or interlinking several units. By combining vertically, you can make the most out of your limited available space.

3.     Choose a Durable Portable Unit

Many construction offices are portable, which makes it easier to take your office with you when you change sites. But that doesn’t mean every portable office can withstand the elements for long periods of time in one place. You’ll need to choose wisely when considering which type of modified shipping container you buy, as you need a secure and durable space that can withstand all kinds of weather while staying secure from would-be intruders.

4.     Choose Comfort

To make sure your team stays productive, make sure you incorporate office space that is functional and comfortable. When employees are comfortable, they are more likely to be creative and productive.

Integrate a strong climate control system, ergonomic office furniture, dividers and plenty of various lighting elements to ensure a quiet, comfortable and private work environment.

5.     Don’t Forget About Storage

You likely have a lot of extra equipment, machinery, office supplies and more that you don’t necessarily need daily but still need to keep on site. You may want to purchase extra shipping containers to act as storage units on your construction site, located close to your offices. This way, you can quickly and easily grab what you need, when you need it.

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As you can see, it’s vital to plan your construction site offices, which is why partnering with a trusted shipping container provider is important. We can match you with the best unit for your needs as well as make any modifications you require to maximize your construction site office. To get a free quote, contact us.