Creative Ways to Use Shipping Containers For Your Farm, Vineyard or Ranch

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If you own a farm, ranch or vineyard and are in need of extra storage space, shipping containers can be the ideal solution to your dilemma. You don’t have to construct costly permanent buildings on your property, and you have the luxury of moving the units if you want to. Plus, you can stack them up or place them side by side to make horse stalls, for example. You can also make several modifications to accommodate your specific needs, such as bins, shelving, HVAC and more.

There has been a recent rise in popularity with shipping containers being utilized for many farm and agricultural needs. Many farmers, ranch owners and vineyard managers are now purchasing shipping containers for extra storage of anything from horses and supplies to bottles and barrels.

Why Use Shipping Containers For Farms?

Storage containers make great farm storage solutions for a variety of reasons.

For one, they are sturdy and durable, offering you a strong base for which to store grain or even house horses and other farm animals.

They also happen to be economical and affordable – certainly much less expensive than construction of a permanent building, stable or storage barn on your property. That can take a long time, and time may be something you don’t have right now.

Shipping containers also offer a solution for portable storage. You can move the units around as you see fit, perhaps moving them with the seasons or location changes. Ranchers can even use them for harvest overflow storage.

If you’re a farmer, you may need shipping containers to free up space when decluttering and cleaning out your barns. You could also use them for separate, portable workshops that can accommodate your projects around the property.

Shipping containers are desired by ranchers, farmers and vineyard owners because:

  • They have leak-proof guarantees
  • They are made of steel and can withstand harsh elements
  • They are rodent-proof and leak-proof so you can more easily protect your overflow harvest, specialty equipment and animal feed
  • Choose from either used or new, one-trip containers
  • Refrigerated containers are ideal for storing temperature-sensitive goods, such as fermenting beer and wine. They can keep produce, grains, and beverages chilled, too, thanks to heavy-duty cooling systems.
  • Modifications can be added, such as roll-up doors, man-doors, ceiling vents, ventilation systems, lighting, plumbing and electrical.

How Do Farmers Use Shipping Containers?

There are many ways in which farmers utilize shipping containers:

  • Animal stables (horse and sheep stables, pig pens)
  • Farm storage
  • Portable workshops
  • Horse tack rooms
  • Horse barns
  • ATV/UTV storage

How Do Vineyards Use Shipping Containers?

Vineyard owners love container farms because they offer controlled environments in which to grow their crops. For example, containers can be modified for growing grapes, especially when trying to grow finicky varieties such as pinot noir. You can maintain the perfect temperature for the grapes while protecting those grapes from rain, sun, and frost.

Wineries could also set up containers for wine tastings, tours and classes.

As you can see, shipping containers provide many solutions for vineyards, ranches and farms.

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