Transforming the Hospitality World With Cafe Containers

barista pouring coffee into coffee cup

If you’re an entrepreneur at heart and have always wanted to open a café but didn’t have the resources, now’s the time to get creative. Have you thought about converting a shipping container into a café? From a coffee shop to a sandwich shop to a popup pizza place, café containers can meet all your needs.

You don’t have to shell out a lot of capital to invest in new construction, plus you can make your café mobile so you can pick up and move to wherever the customers are. This opens up the opportunities for your business so that you can cater to events and festivals. A 20ft container is ideal, but you could even get away with a smaller 10 ft container.

Café containers were a novelty just a few years ago and are now becoming the norm for many startups and popups. That’s because more and more business owners are recognizing the potential of cafe containers and how easy and affordable it is to create one.

Due to the abundant supply of shipping containers all over the country, and in Louisiana in particular, finding one to convert into a café of your choosing is easier than ever. Container conversions have many cost-saving benefits, especially for small businesses just getting going who are limited on how much cash they have on hand to invest.

It’s very expensive to rent or lease traditional commercial space. Not only do you have to come up with a down payment, you have to make large monthly rent payments just for the privilege of operating your business there. With a mobile container café, you can explore new spots to eventually find the ideal place to set up. This gives you access to the areas that have the most demand for your goods and services.

Advantages of Shipping Container Cafes

Wondering why shipping container cafes are so popular? Here are a few of the most common reasons why.

  1. They’re portable. Container cafes can be moved, giving you all the convenience of a food truck without the hassle of motor vehicle maintenance. This puts you in prime position to travel to events, concerts and festivals as needed.
  2. They’re hygienic. You can add all the amenities of a traditional restaurant, such as a kitchen with plumbing, which guarantees food is prepared and served with cleanliness in mind.
  3. They’re secure. Shipping containers are made to be very strong and durable, which means you can safely keep your supplies and equipment in the café container without having to worry about additional storage space. All you have to do at the end of the day is lock up and leave.
  4. They’re versatile. If your business ticks up, you can always add on to your container or buy another one to meet the demands of your customers.
  5. You own it. Unlike rental space, when you buy a shipping container and modify it, it’s all yours. You can remodel it when you want, move to a new place or even sell it without having to ask anybody.


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